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BM TRADA - Worldwide Leading Certification Body

A Certification can be obtained in many different fields. The BM TRADA is the worldwide leading certification body. The certification of wood products was one of the main functions in the past. But other product lines or services such as sustainability and management systems can also obtain their certification through the BM TRADA.

Conditions of a Certifications by the BM TRADA

To receive a certification according to a standard or norm, some requirements have to be met. The management or sustainability system or the product which is to be certified respectively have to show a consistently high quality and safety standard, that is traceable from origin to final processing. Furthermore, sustainable economic activity is of special importance to the BM TRADA and thus an additional condition for the BM TRADA to certify the product. An ISO certification can also be carried out by the BM TRADA.

Advantages of the Certification by the BM TRADA

Certifications have many advantages for your company. Certifications issued by an official certification body allow you to advertise with this award and assume a better market position. Certifications for products or certifications for companies create trust. In today’s society, where a good and sustainable quality is highly valued, certifications are a particularly suitable possibility to portray your company as trustworthy and responsible.

Which Certifications Does the BM TRADA offer?

The BM TRADA offers many different certifications. As official certification body, the certifications awarded by the BM TRADA honor a sustainable cultivation as well as agronomical way of cultivation compatible with nature. Certifications according to BRC Food and Packaging as well as ISO norms are carried out by the BM TRADA. Another field for certifications by the BM TRADA is the UTZ-Certified program for agricultural products and the certification according to RSPO standard for the complete supply chain of palm oil products.


Certification According to FSC and PEFC for Wood Products

The abbreviation FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a 1992 founded organization for the protection of forests. Members of this organization aim for various interests regarding the forest as well as a sustainable cultivation. The BM TRADA also pursues with its certifications for wood products a sustainable cultivation as well as a preservation of the biodiverse forests. A cooperation between the BM TRADA and the FSC thus is based on the common interests for the sake of forest protection and the optimization of forest cultivation.

Certifications According to BRC and ISO Norms

Standards for food safety< are at today’s quality demand by the LEH and the customer inevitable. The BRC Global Standard for Food and Packaging provides in its way for an uncompromising quality for products and foodstuff, cosmetic products and medical devices as well as packaging for the product groups.

Quality management systems according to ISO standards provide great assistance for companies to automate, supervise and improve their procedures. Under the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) principle it almost autonomously comes to quality improvements in all areas. Offered ISO standards by the BM TRADA are ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 27001 and 50001.

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UTZ-Certified Program and Certifications According to RSPO for Sustainable Palm Oil

Another field for certifications by the BM TRADA are the UTZ certifications for cocoa, coffee, hazelnut, herbs and tea. Here, too the goal is to ensure a sustainable cultivation of these agricultural products as well as socially compatible working conditions. With the certifications of the BM TRADA you produce proof that for example your cocoa and coffee are produced free of child labor and cultivated according to established agricultural practice. The portfolio of the BM TRADA also includes the certifications according to the RSPO standards of palm oil products. Here, too the certification shows, that the cultivation takes place sustainably, ecologically and socially compatibly and that a safe and transparent supply chain from cultivation to transport can be exhibited. Since 2010 already the BM TRADA is accredited as globally leading provider of certifications in the field of palm oil.

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