What is BRC?

BRC is an abbreviation for British Retail Consortium. The BRC is a union which was founded by British Retailers and aims to define and frame requirements and guidelines for food safety.

Acknowledgement of BRC standards for food

The BRC is one of the leading and globally acknowledged institutions in the area of food and packaging safety. The standards defined by the BRC are also allowed by the GFSI (the Global Food Safety Initiative). The GFSI is the institution that has laid the foundation for management systems and product certifications for food safety in the world-wide food industry.

Requirements of a BRC certification

To get a certification in accordance to a BRC standard for food, several requirements have to be met and implemented. These requirements include:

  • Installation of a HACCP food safety plan
  • Introduction of a management system that complies with quality, safety and all legal requirements
  • Installation of a control system for the supervision of the environmental standards, the labour conditions and as well as the production and hygienic circumstances in the production facilities.
  • A BRC certification for food can be issued when all requirements are met. 

Consumer Safety

The BRC standard guarantees safety for your consumers

BRC Food

The BRC standards are accepted worldwide

Hygiene Guidelines

Compliance with guidelines regarding hygiene and safety is guaranteed by certifying it


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Advantages of a BRC certification

The BRC standards in the area of food and food safety are globally acknowledged. The rising requirements that customers impose on safety and quality of the products, as well as the compliance with the requirements during the whole supply chain show the importance of certifications in this area. A BRC certification offers a common basis for food suppliers with the help of predefined and consistent standards. Moreover, a certification in accordance to BRC standards has many advantages for companies. A BRC certification is globally acknowledged by retailers and food producers. A BRC certification satisfies the need of protecting the integrity and the image of brand-name products. Additionally, a certification in accordance to the BRC standards optimizes the management systems in the area of food safety, improves the trust in the product and thus the company and advances the engagement of the company in the area of consumer protection. Implementing the guidelines and requirements causes the systems to regularly improve through consistent monitoring. A certification in accordance to the BRC guidelines fulfils the contractual obligation and supports the opening of new business opportunities.

Who can get a certification?

A certification in accordance to the BRC standards can be issued to any company that processes or packs open food. Moreover, all companies that are involved in the production chain can get a BRC certification. That means that companies which process primary products, like slaughterhouses, and as well as companies that produce canned food and finished products can get an certification in the area of food and food safety.

BRC certification by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally acknowledged and independent company. The BM TRADA has issued certifications in the area of food safety and food packaging already for years. Benefit from the experience on know-how of the BM TRADA when it comes to BRC certified packaging and more.


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