What is a CE mark?

The CE mark is an evidence for different products. It shows that the product meets all harmonizing regulations. CE stands for European Community and the marking was put on the same level as the EG mark, because of its name and reputation.

How the CE label turned into a CE mark

In the 80s the CE label was introduced and aiming for a free and consistent goods traffic and for standardizing the quality and safety of the products according to the European laws and guide lines. The terminology CE marking arose in the year 1993. The change of the term was realized at the 22nd July of 1993, simultaneously with the declaration of the changes of the harmonizing guidelines. Moreover, four out of nine official languages chose the abbreviation EG (Europäische Gemeinschaft = European Community) over the CE marking, but both are generally on the same level.

Characteristics of the CE marking

The CE marking is mandatory for all products, which are being distributed or brought to service, provided they are traded in the economic zone of Europe. The European economic zone consists of the member states of the EU and all the EFTA states. Except for Switzerland, where the CE marking is not mandatory, but acknowledged and well-received.

Exceptions for products are medical products.

Exceptions for the CE marking

Down to the present day, a few product groups do not need the CE marking to be distributed. These include the manufacturers of packaging and packaging wastes, of a few ship equipments (they have their own markings) and technical working appliance and consumables. The interoperability of the rail systems is another area, where the CE marking is not needed. This area has its own systems, as well.

EU Obligations

In the European Union, the CE mark is required

EU Standards

The CE mark meets EU standards

Risk Assessment

The CE mark and risk assessment are interconnected


BM TRADA – your competent partner

CE marking for building products by the BM TRADA

A CE marking for building products can be obtained by the BM TRADA. There are six different systems available:

System 1+

System 1+ consists of a certification, which ensures the accordance of the products with the respectively created auditing tests.

System 1

System 1 consists of a certification, which ensures the accordance of the products without the implementation of the respectively created auditing tests.

System 2+

System 2+ consists of a certification, which ensures examination of the origin procedures with a subsequent supervision.

System 2

System 2 consists of a certification, which ensures examination of the origin procedures without a subsequent supervision.

System 3

System 3 consists of a first-type examination.

System 4

System 4 is solely an obligation for the manufacturers. In this case there is no certificate involved at all.

CE marking by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally recognized corporation, which specializes in certifications of a highly diverse product range. Benefit from our longstanding experience about the areas of certifications and acknowledged independency for your product.

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