What is a Certification of Energy Management?

A certification of energy management means that the energy management of a company meets the requirements of the underlying norm. A certification of energy management takes place according to the valid ISO norm.

Certification of Energy Management: Usage of an Energy Management System

The usage of an energy management system helps the improvement of energy flows and energy usage. To be able to make proper use of the management system, the energy consumption and energy usage of a company are examined and evaluated. The applied energy management system is supposed to improve the energy management system of a company. A certification of energy management ensures that the underlying requirements for the management system are met and implemented.

Certification of Energy Management: Advantages for the Company

A certification of energy management offers many advantages to the company. The certification is especially suitable for companies that, no matter the branch of industry, consume high amounts of energy. The implementation of a certified energy management system applied systematically leads to the energy costs being decreased and the energy reserves being better used. The certification of energy management also has many advantages in public image. It demonstrates that a company has great interest an efficient energy utilization and that the reduction of pollutive factors such as the production of greenhouse gases plays an important role in the energy management. A certification of energy management stands for the adherence to the guidelines in environment and climate protection. Additionally, a certification of energy management ensures that the standards of the underlying norm are met and implemented.

ISO 50001

Basis for a certification in the area of energy management

Guidelines for Environmental and Climate Protection

Demonstrate your compliance by certifying it

Efficient Energy Utilization

This is just one advantage of certification


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Options for a Certification of Energy Management

A certification of energy management takes place in accordance to the ISO norm ISO 50001. In this norm, the guidelines and standards are rooted that are to support the company in the improvement of the energy related performance. The implementation of a certified energy management is to reveal and make use of unused energy potential, decrease energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases.

Importance of a Certification of Energy Management

Companies that aim at a certification of energy management show responsibility for environment and climate protection. They want to reduce environmental strain and form a more effective internal energy policy to save costs and economize more effectively. In competition, this certification means that the companies enjoy a higher customer and trading partner reputation. The bond of trust between company and customer is also strengthened. Internally, a certification of energy management means that the employees, too, should think ecologically sensitive and economical related to energy consumption. A certification is also announced internally, so that every single employee can make an effort to an improved energy related performance.

Certification in Quality Management by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally recognized and independent certification body. For years, the BM TRADA has carried out certifications in energy management according to ISO norm. You too can profit from the years long experience and the constantly expanding know-how of the BM TRADA in case of a certification of energy management.

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