What is a Certification for Foods?

The certification for foods is a certificate for foodstuff which meets high quality requirements. Additionally, the certification for foods is a control system.

Food Certificates with IFS

In the field of foods certifications the IFS, International Food Standards, form a basis. Food certificates according to IFS certify an end-to-end quality within the whole production chain. A certification according to IFS is a guaranty that the foods and food production meets the highest requirements in the fields of safety, quality and legality.

Certification for Foods with ISO norms

The ISO norm ISO 22000 includes fundamental requirements for the food industry and quality of foods too. A certification for foods according to ISO 22000 is a globally recognized certification for management systems in the food sector. Here, too a certification ensures that the whole production chain adheres to a predefined quality standard and a good quality of food is guaranteed. With a food certification the company also gains international recognition and acceptance.

ISO 22000

Basis for a certification in the area of foods


International Food Standards

Use of a Management System

More efficiency and productivity for your company!


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Certification in the Food Sector: Advantages for the Company

A certification for foods has many advantages for the company. The certification can be used as an instrument for promotion and marketing. Additionally, a certification according to the IFS or other norms shows that the foods and products exhibit a high quality end-to-end in acquisition as well as in production. A certification also shows that the foods are obtained from legal sources. The trust of the customers also grows with a certification for foods, since a consistent quality is assured. Many domestic and foreign trading partners expect in the present age that the foodstuff used as well as the production process are examined and approved by independent bodies. With a food certification the companies comply with the customers’ and trading partners’ requirements. In this way certified companies preserve their competitive ability and increase safety in the food sector.

Importance of a Certification in the Food Sector

A certification for foods is a certificate from an independent body. It proves that the quality of the food used as well as the quality of the production are consistent and predefined guidelines are being complied with. A certification for foods has to be regularly checked and renewed to assure the compliance with the guidelines and requirements. A certification can also take place for a management system in the food sector. The introduction of a management system gives the company the advantage of a more transparent production chain. The error rate is also decreased through the introduction of a management system, which can lead to savings. In the field of food safety the compliance with norms and standards has positive effects on the competition and the customer’s trust.

Certification in Quality Management by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally recognized and globally operating certification body. For years, the BM TRADA has carried out certifications in food management according to ISF. You too can profit from the acquired knowledge and the growing experience in the field of certifications for the food sector. We are happy to help you with the realization of your goals!

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