What is a certification mark?

After a successful certification a company gets a certification mark issued. The certification mark is an evidence for the successful certification and the confirmation for the compliance with and implementation of the defined guidelines and requirements.

Usage of the certification mark

The certification marks are the proof for implemented and passed certifications. In most cases, companies use the certification mark well visibly. That way the certification mark can be used for advertisement and marketing purposes.

Certification mark of the BM TRADA

The certification mark of the BM TRADA and your personal version of the BM TRADA company logo will be issued to you after a successful certification. Additionally to the certification mark, a written confirmation about the successfully concluded certification is handed out.

Usage of the certification mark by the BM TRADA

The certification marks of the BM TRADA can be used for various things after their successful assignment. You can use the marks that were issued by the BM TRADA on every advertisement materials and also on your vehicles.

Useful guidance about the usage of the certification mark, as well as about the BM TRADA marks themselves can be found in our guidelines about the usage of logos and certification marks for customers that can be consulted at any time.

Special terms and conditions apply to the usage of UKAS marks. These terms can be found in the guidelines about the usage of logos and certification marks, too.

Useful links and documents: http://www.bmtrada.com/


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