What is a soya certification?

Soya (also: soy) is an important component of the food sector, since decades. A soya certification ensures that the used soya, as well as the products that are made with soya, originate from a responsible and legal cultivation.

Why is a soya certification important?

The demand for soya and soya products has increased, in the last decades. The simultaneously increasing cultivation of soya can lead to negligence of the protection of forests and the rights of the workers. The elevated usage of pesticides is also disadvantageous for the environment. To achieve responsible contact with the nature and to consider the rights of the employees, it is important that the cultivation of soya happens in a responsible and legal way. A soya certification ensures the mentioned legal and responsible intercourse with the nature and the workers and guarantees that the requirements of the manufacturing businesses, retailers and consumers are always met. A soya certification can also be issued to all involved parties and supply chains.

Who should get a soya certificate?

The soya certification is a CoC certification. That means that all parties, involved in the supply chain for the soya, can get such a certificate issued. Thus, a soya (or soy) certification is suitable for companies, which own soya products, as well as for companies that trade with soya products. The soya certificate is an evidence that all products come from legally and responsibly managed sources and the certified companies only work with certified soya. Mixing certified and non-certified products is only permitted under strict and reasonable guidelines.

Advantages of a soya certificate

A soya certification offers various advantages for a company. It shows that the company emphasizes the importance of a responsible agriculture and usage of resources. Additionally, a soya certificate can help to preserve the market. Certified companies are able to obtain soya from many different and likewise certified sources. And the quality of the products is always guaranteed to be the same, for certified soya.


Demonstrate how important
sustainability is to you
by certifying it


Guarantee your legal use of soya by certifying it


A certification guarantees
consistently high quality for your


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Different models of the soya certificate for supply chains

There are two different means, offered by the BM TRADA, for supply chains to get a soya certification issued. It is important for both versions that the soya is always obtained from responsible and legal sources.

Identity preserved (IP)

‘Identity Preserved’ means that only soya, from a legal and responsible farm, is provably used.

Segregation (SG)

‘Segregation’ means that the used soya comes from different, but nevertheless certified cultivators.

Soya certification by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally acknowledged and independent certification authority. Benefit from our long-standing experience in different areas of certifications. Companies can get a soya certificate issued by the BM TRADA if they comply with the stated requirements. Therefore, a soya certification by the BM TRADA offers your company and your customers the guaranty that the used soya comes from legal and responsible sources. A certification by the BM TRADA is based on the Basel criteria for a responsible soya production. A soya certification by the BM TRADA highlights that the procedures, starting from the usage of soya and down to the grower, can be looked through and that your company can guarantee your customers that a legal and responsible cultivation.

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