What are counterfeit certifications?

Counterfeit certificates are documents that were issued by a non-official and dependent institution. Counterfeit certificates have absolutely no validity.

Why do counterfeit or invalid certificates exist?

Unfortunately many companies and organizations still exist that claim that they are certified, although they were never certified by a valid certification authority. In these cases the certifications are counterfeit. These fake or counterfeit certificates are invalid. A certification testifies that a company complies with specific standards. Certifications are important for companies and have to be issued by independent certification authorities.

BM TRADA and counterfeit or invalid certificates

Unfortunately there are also companies or organizations that claim to be certified by the BM TRADA, despite the fact that there never was a certification. These certificates are counterfeit and invalid. The BM TRADA insistently prosecutes this kind of abuse. But trying to contact such companies or organizations, which use fake certificates, is bristled with difficulties. The BM TRADA will nevertheless proceed against such companies and organizations with all available, legal resources.

Inspection of counterfeit or invalid certificates

The BM TRADA always endeavours to prevent the abuse of fake certificates. Thus, we present all fake or invalid certificates that are known to the BM TRADA.

BM TRADA certification check-up

You can check whether a certificate is an official certificate by the BM TRADA or not here:

BM TRADA certification check-up

Check-up of other certificates

The validity of other certificates can be checked on the homepage of the respective institution.

Check-up of a FSC certificate
Check-up of a BRC certificate


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