Definition of certificates in accordance with the ISO 14001:2004

ISO 14001 is a globally acknowledged environmental management norm. The ISO 14001 is one of many norms in the area of environmental management that sets the guidelines for successful environmental management systems.

History of the ISO 14001 norm

In 1996, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced the ISO 14001 norm for the first time. Four years later a revised version followed, which provided a higher compatibility with the ISO 9001 and greater usability. The international version was released in the year 2004.

Objectives of the ISO 14001 certification

The ISO 14001 norm aims to continuously improve the environmental performance of an organization, a company or a service provider. The improvement of procedures in accordance to the ISO 14001 is based on the PDCA principle. P stands for “planning” and setting objectives for processes, which also means to aim to fulfill the guidelines of the environmental policies. D stands for “doing” or performing of the chosen processes. C stands for “controlling” and supervising the chosen procedures, while considering all requirements. A stands for “adapting” and optimizing. That means it is possible to make changes to the procedures subsequently. To gain a certificate in accordance with the DIN ISO 14001, the company or service provider has to implement an environmental management system that obtains the objectives of the environmental policy.

Globally acknowledgment of the ISO 14004 certification

The topics environmental protection and complying with the guidelines for the environmental protection are gaining more and more interest. Even the politics adapted to this trend and changed the environmental policy. The minimum standards are politically set, but many corporations are aiming for even higher standards with the support of environmental management systems. Contrary to the EU-Öko-Audit, the ISO 14001 is a globally recognized certificate for environmental management system. The ISO 14001 norm is part of a norm group, which contains different areas of environmental management. The norm sets the standards for environmental management systems.

Regular audits of the ISO 14001 guidelines

Companies with an environmental management program, which have a certificate in accordance to the ISO 14001 norm, will be able to systematically understand environmental pollution and improve the situation of our environment. The certificate attests the company or organization that it behaves in an ecological responsible way. Moreover, a certificate, from an independent certification authority like the BM TRADA, clarifies that all ISO 14001 norm-conform necessary requirements are met. It is important to mention that the ISO 14001 certificate is globally acknowledged. To preserve the certification in accordance to the values set by the ISO 14001 norm permanently, it is important to regularly get the requirements checked by an independent certification authority like the BM TRADA. These regular inspections are also an advantage for the outer appearance of your company, because they highlight the sustainability of the requirements.


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Advantages of an environmental management system with a certificate in accordance to the ISO 14001

The advantages of an environmental management system with a certificate in accordance to the ISO 14001 are diverse, for example: such a system can help the company to reduce emissions and wastes. The purposeful intercourse with resources offers a huge potential for savings. Additionally, the requirements of customers and public authorities are met and the responsible handling of the environment and employees improves the image of the company in the eyes of customers and the public. Nowadays, such an officially checked system is a must-have for the competitiveness of a company.

Certificate in accordance of the ISO 14001 by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally recognized and independent certificate authority. A certificate by the BM TRADA conveys your customers and business associates a sustainable management of the environment in accordance to the requirements.

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