What is the ISO 27001 norm

The ISO 27001 is an internationally valid norm for information security. ISO 27001 contains regulations for the productions, introduction, operation, supervision, maintenance and improvement of information security management systems.

Development of the ISO 27001 norm

In 2005, the ISO 27001 norm was introduced. It originated from the British standard BS 7799-2:2002 and is a globally valid norm, nowadays. In the year 2008, the norm was re-introduced as the DIN norm DIN ISO 27001:2008. As the years processed, many revisions followed until, in March 2005, the final version was published.

Usage of the ISO 27001

Nowadays, the importance of information security for companies takes on greater significance than ever before. The well-known dangers, which have an increasing influence on the information security, caused that a management system for information safety was established: ISO 27001. The ISO 27001 norm aims to help companies and organizations with securing their business and avoiding safety margins. Safety margins can lead to financial and operative interferences. The usage of a management system in accordance to the ISO 27001 will prevent these safety margins, increase your control and decrease risks.

Which organizations are suited for the ISO 27001?

Generally speaking, companies and organizations of every area are suited for the usage of the ISO 27001. Particularly companies and organizations that deal with topics like IT and finances, are recommended to consider the ISO 27001. Additionally, corporations and institutes that work in the public sector or deal with the information of third parties require and profit from information security and should make use of information security management systems in accordance to the ISO 27001 norm. A certificate in accordance to the ISO 27001 standards usually leads to positive confidence building between companies and customers, when it comes to the security of the maintained information.

Information Security

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Application areas of the ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 has many different areas, where it can started to be used. One of them is formulating requirements and objectives that lead to higher security for information. Additionally, ensuring that laws are strictly observed and a cost-efficient management are also part of the tasks. ISO 27001 can also be used to define security-regarding information management tasks or to document existing information security-regarding processes.

Advantages of an information security management system in accordance to the ISO 27001

The usage of an information security management system in accordance to the ISO 27001 offers many advantages for your company. For one, the usage of the system increases the trustworthiness and credibility towards customers and business associates. With the help of an information security management system your company is going to set new standards for the area of information security and deploy itself from the competition in the area of risk management. Moreover, information security management systems can provide financial advantages, by preventing information losses that are almost always linked with high expenses. The observations of legal regulations will become simpler, too, when a management system in accordance to the ISO 27001 is implemented. And it will affect the employees on a positive way, as they can be educated about the most important areas of information security. In the end your employees will be even able to help prevent expensive security margins.

BM TRADA will assist you with the implementation

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