What Is Environmental Safety?

Environmental Safety describes the measures and standards that companies conduct to implement the requirements regarding environmental factors. Environmental safety is implemented through environmental management systems.

Why Is Environmental Safety in a Company so Important?

The field of environmental safety gained more and more importance over time. Moreover, environmental safety is also an important building block for companies for a sustaining economic success. The handling of environmental safety has also changed in the last years through the influence of politics and society. Environmental safety has gained importance.

Areas of Environmental Safety

Environmental safety addresses several different things. It is important to know the possible risks. For one it is important to get an overview of the possible risks in the field of environment during production. On the other hand environmental safety addresses risks regarding the environment that can affect the company. In the field of environmental safety it is furthermore about utilizing resources properly and reduce waste and emissions.

Priority of Environmental Safety over Time

In the last years the field of environmental safety in companies has established itself more and more. Public and governmental specifications on various topics in the field of environmental safety have led to a need in companies to rethink. Environmental management has gained priority and the present age, management cannot do without it.


Die Umweltsicherheit hat an Bedeutung gewonnen.


Notwendig für Unternehmen für nachhaltigen wirtschaftlichen Erfolg.


Ein Managementsystem unterstützt bei der Umsetzung der Umweltsicherheit.


BM TRADA – Ihr kompetenter Ansprechpartner!

Implementation of the Measures Regarding Environmental Safety

To implement the measures and standards in the field of environmental safety management systems are introduced. The management systems in the field of environmental safety support the company in complying with the guidelines and specifications and in establishing the field of environmental management in the company. Additionally the usage of a management system also offers the possibility of sustainably improving a company’s environmental management.

Certification in the Field of Environmental Safety

Companies have the option of receiving a certification in the field of environmental safety. The usage of a management system is fundamental in this and supports the creation of a catalogue of measures for environmental safety. The management system helps the company in making better use of resources and decrease emissions and waste. A certification takes place if the underlying guidelines have been complied with and implemented and the company is documented by an independent body. The certification helps companies in implementing and improving the field of environmental safety according to valid standards.

BM TRADA: Certifications in the Field of Environmental Safety

BM TRADA is a globally operating and independent company. BM TRADA is a recognized certification body, which carries out certifications in many different fields. Certifications in the field of environmental safety have been an integral part of the portfolio of the BM TRADA for years.

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