What is Food Safety?

Food Safety is an umbrella term that describes all measures and processes that are necessary for guaranteeing the quality of foodstuff. Food safety makes sure that food for the consumer is palatable and that the production rout is comprehensible and traceable.

Different Fields of Food Safety

Food Safety encompasses various fields that provide a consistently good quality of foods. For one, the field of food hygiene belongs to food safety. Food hygiene is important for the foods to be suitable for consumption and for no health damage to come from them. On the other hand the field of inspection belongs to food safety. Here it is examined and monitored, that the processed foods originate from legal and sustainable sources and that the processing chain is consistently comprehensible.

Basic Principles of Food Safety

In Europe, seven basic principles apply to food safety. This includes the principle of food supply chain. Here it is important to make the complete production route of the foods comprehensible and transparent. Another principle of food safety is the principle of corporate responsibility. The next principle of food safety is the principle of traceability. It is important to be able to trace the complete route of a food to ensure a consistently good quality. The independent scientific risk assessment is also one of these principles. Here, the risk is to be assessed beforehand based on already existing knowledge. The separation of risk assessment and risk management are also important. A risk assessment takes place beforehand. Only subsequently, it is examined in risk management, which dangers are possibly avoidable. The transparency in the evaluation of possibly risks is also important. A last principle of food safety is the precautionary principle.

Food Hygiene as a Field of Food Safety

Hygiene is an important component of food safety. The compliance with hygiene specifications has to be given at all times to guarantee a good and palatable quality of the foodstuff. Furthermore, no health interference or damage may come from the used foodstuff as well as the distributed product. The inspection of the compliance with given specifications in hygiene is carried out by hygiene centers. The first privately organized hygiene center is located in Münster.

Basic Principles

In Europe, 7 basic principles are being followed


Hygiene is a very important area of food safety


A certification guarantees consistently high quality for your customers


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Certifications in Food Safety

Another field in food safety is the inspection and control of the foods used. Here, too it has to be ensured that the used foods come from legal sources and that the production and processing chain are comprehensible. The legal requirements for processing of foods can be found in the Food Hygiene Regulation. Additionally, by now there are many more organizations, like for example the IFS (International Food Standard) that have formulated guidelines and standards for foodstuff and the processing of foods. An inspection of compliance with these standards are carried out by certification bodies. The certification bodies examine the implementation of the specified guidelines and issue corresponding certificates.

Advantages of a Certification in the Field of Food Safety for the Company

A certification in the field of food safety according to valid standards that exceed legal requirements offers many advantages for the company as well. A certification shows that a company sets high standards for the processed foods. Additionally, a certification in the field of food safety shows that the origin of the foods play an important role in the processing. A certification can also positively affect the bond of trust between company and customer.

Inspection of Food Safety

Currently the respective ministries of the federal states are responsible for the inspection and monitoring of the legally required food safety in Germany. It is the authorities’ responsibility to inspect food safety through random samples. The inspection by authorities includes the inspection of compliance with legally dictated requirements.

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