What is FSC®?

FSC is an abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council®. The FSC is an organization that was founded in 1992. The objective of this organization was and still is the preservation of the forests and setting standards for responsible forestrys.

The different FSC certifications

There are two different types of FSC certifications. The first certificate can be issued to foresters / rangers, assuming that the management of the forest matches the requirements of the FSC. The other FSC certificate can also be issued to forest owners, assuming that they fulfill the requirements that are set by the organization, too. Even corporations can obtain a certificate, if the processing of the resources, which are gained from certified forests, are matching the FSC standards.

FSC certification of product chains

A certification can be issued for whole product chains, but only if the materials, used in the whole processing, are FSC certified materials. These requirements can be guaranteed, because the corporations, which manufacture FSC certified products, have to be FSC certified, too. The FSC certification for product chains is also called CoC certification.

FSC certification of forest areas

A certification for a forest area can be issued to forest owners or foresters, if the management or usage of the area goes according to the FSC requirements. The FSC pursues the natural behavior of the forest as a model. A sustainable management and the distribution of the FSC certificate are the main purposes of the organization.

Reasons that speak for the FSC certificate

A FSC certificate is only issued, when all the FSC standards are met. These standards contain ecological and social minimum standards for the management of forests and forest areas and they are globally valid. Additionally, it also contains the supervision of the processing of recourses that are gained of the forests. Thus, it is not enough to keep these standards during the acquiring of the resources, but also during the whole processing, up until the product reaches the end-consumer. Independent certificate authorities, like the BM TRADA, verify that the standards, justifying a FSC certificate, are met, on a yearly basis.

FSC Certification

Your verification of compliance with the regulations

COC Certification

Receive a chain of custody certification

Certification for Wood

FSC is the standard for certifying wood


BM TRADA – your competent partner

A FSC certification by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is an internationally and independently operating corporation. A FSC certification and the granting of a FSC seal can be issued by the BM TRADA, if the check results that the minimum requirements are complied. The company is able to use the FSC seal, after passing the examination and after being successfully certified. The FSC seal honors a corporation as a responsible company with a verified and lasting forest management.

Advantages of a FSC certificate by the BM TRADA

The FSC as well as the BM TRADA are both internationally well-known and acknowledged corporations. A FSC certificate and the granting of the FSC seal shows your customers and business associates that your company complies with the internationally validated requirements for a sustainable forest management. Furthermore, the annual check for the compliance by the BM TRADA shows them, the sustainability of the considerate processing. The usage of the FSC seal is a proof for a forest-protecting and ongoing processing.

For additional information about the FSC certificate and the given standards call our central under +49 (0) 711 490 04 258 or write us an e-mail to [email protected]


On 10th February 2020 Assurance Services International (ASI), the accreditation body for the FSC Scheme, placed a suspension on BM TRADA.  Initially, the suspension was not made public pending an appeal, which was unsuccessful. ASI subsequently made the suspension public on 27th May 2020.

BM TRADA continued to conduct a number of initial certification services after the suspension became effective, in contravention of ASI suspension conditions. As a correction, these clients will be transferred to other non-suspended Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs).

BM TRADA must continue to conduct surveillance and re-certification audits for existing clients during the period of suspension. However, under the suspension we cannot conduct new business or issue new certificates for FSC Chain of Custody. 

We are working hard to resolve this with ASI.


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