What is the ISO 22000 norm?

ISO 22000 is an internationally valid norm for management systems for food safety. The norm ISO 22000 was introduced in September 2005, simultaneously with the European version EN ISO 22000.

ISO 22000 as a DIN norm

The international norm ISO 22000, as well as the DIN EN ISO 22000 were introduces in the year 2005. The DIN norm DIN EN ISO 22000 was changed a little bit in 2006. Since then, the norm is unrestrictedly valid.

Origin of the ISO 22000 norm

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed a consistent norm in close collaboration with organisations and food experts that was derived from the HACCP concept: the ISO 22000 norm. The objectives of the ISO 22000 norm are “planning, designing, implementing, operating, maintaining and updating a management system for food safety to achieve the safety of your products that your customers deserve, on the condition of respective and correct usage”.

Usage of the ISO 22000 norm

Nowadays, food safety is of great importance. The public is interested in food safety more than ever before. Thus the compliance with regulations and norms for all parts of the supply chain is a basic requirement for activities in the food industry. ISO 22000 is a norm that sets a consistent level for this area. Therefore, the strict observance of the globally valid EN ISO 22000 norm is necessary, so that your company can get the certificate for food safety.

ISO 22000 – a holistic food management

A certificate in accordance to the DIN EN ISO 22000 is available, if the company sticks to the high standards. The certificate according to the DIN EN ISO 22000 builds the fundament for protecting the food safety requirements. Moreover, the certificate shows the public that a company complies with the strict norms and regulations and therefore, gains the trust of your customers and business associates, because all standards are maintained regularly. The management system, that is certified based on the ISO 22000 norm, enables the collaboration of the toolset of a company, to preserve and protect food safety. In addition to that, the management system supports the company with technical solutions, with the supervision of procedures and with considering legal regulations and rules. The food safety management system is available for everyone and contains all safety-regarded areas, like the production, storing, transportation and distribution.

Food Safety

There is a high level of public interest in food safety

Food Management

Use the management system for your food safety

ISO 22000 – Certification

Your verification of compliance with regulations


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Alternative for the ISO 22000: the BRC certificate

Meanwhile, the certificates in accordance with the ISO 22000 can be issued by the BM TRADA. An alternative for the certificate in accordance with the ISO 22000 is the BRC certificate. BRC stands for British Retail Consortium. The BRC collaborates with the Institute of Packaging and sets several different standards for suppliers of food packaging. By now, the BRC-standard gained a lot of importance, even in countries other than Great Brittan and can be put on the same level as a norm. A certificate in accordance with the standards of the BRC can be issued for primary, as well as secondary packaging.

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