What is the PEFC certification?

THE PEFC certificate is a certification for sustainable forest management. PEFC is an abbreviation that stands for “Programs for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”.

Development of the PEFC certification and the PEFC Germany

PEFC was founded in Paris, in the year 1999. PEFC is one of the biggest organizations for forest management worldwide, with 33 national sub-organizations. The criteria, responsible for the PEFC certification, were developed by the collaboration of 37 different nations. Naturally, the PEFC, with all its standards, is also present in Germany.

Objective of the PEFC certification

The PEFC certification aims to support and improve the forest management in a sustainable way. Therefore, the economic, as well as the social and ecologic standards are of great importance. The PEFC certification promises more transparency and clear rules for a high consumer safety in the woodworking. Another important aspect for a successful certification is that not only the forestry gets the PEFC certificate, but also all in the process involved business. Thus, they all have to comply with the standards that are set by the PEFC.

Background of the PEFC certification

A PEFC certificate can be issued for forest managements. If the management of the forest is sustainable and its standards are equal with the PEFC standards, a PEFC certification can be issued for that company or organization. To ensure that not only the manufacturing and cultivation of the products are certified, but that the whole product arrives to the customer as a certified and trusted product, all companies involved in the further processing of the resources have to be certified in accordance to the PEFC standards, too. Thus, a steady and consistent manufacturing and production procedure chain, also known as COC (Chain of Custody), can be guaranteed. Independent authorities, as the BM TRADA, regularly monitor if all regulations are met, to ensure that sustainability and other requirements are complied with.

Forest Certification

PEFC – a certification for forests


Show sustainability through certification

COC – Chain of Custody


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Application areas of the PEFC certification

A certification in accordance to the guidelines of the PEFC can be issued for companies and organizations of different areas. The basis for every modern forest management is sustainability. Following generations are going to have to depend on a sustainable forest management, too. But not only foresters and forest owners can get the PEFC certificate, but also every other company that is involved with the production or processing.

Advantages of a PEFC certificate

A PEFC certificate offers many, various advantages for the involved parties. For one thing, the PEFC certificate has the advantage that forest managements and companies involved in further processing start to work together more efficiently. Getting a certificate issued proves for every company involved, that the product is a certified product, starting from the manufacturing up to the conclusive procedures. For another thing, the certification has the advantage of a positive influence on all, who are involved. More and more customers strike purchases consciously. Certified production and manufacturing will therefore influence the buyer’s decision in your favor. The PEFC has even on international level many advantages.

PEFC certification by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally acknowledged and independent company. We offer the opportunity, to get a PEFC certificate and to make use of all the respective advantages. Supervising and making sure that the required standards are met, is one and the audit of the avowed certificate on a regular basis, is another task of the BM TRADA.

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