What is a product certification?

A product certification is a confirmation for a company. A product certification confirms that the concerned product complies with the requirements.

What are product certifications required for?

For the production or processing of different products legal regulations exist. However, many products exceed these legal regulations by far. A product certification confirms to the company that the products complies with both, the legal demands and the applied standards.

Tasks of a product certification

A product certification has many different tasks. Along with others, the warranty for safety is an important part. ‘Safety’ includes the safety of humans, animals and the environment in the different areas like health, as well as the safety of the capital of natural and juristic persons. Furthermore, the properties of a product that are promised by the manufacturers, are checked for correctness before getting the certificate. The final product certification is a confirmation for the compliance with all given standards and norms.

Who needs a product certification?

A product certification can be issued to various products or services. Nowadays, it often happens that a product or service is not allowed on the market without a product certification. The basis of a product certification can be different norms, standards and guidelines, which clearly exceed the legal regulations.


Strengthen your competitiveness through certification

Proof of Quality

A certification is your proof of high quality

Prescribed by Law

In many cases a certification is prescribed by law


BM TRADA – your competent partner

Advantages of a product certification for the company

A product certification has many advantages for the company. In modern days, the safety of a product or service is of great and steadily increasing importance. More and more customers and business associates are putting emphasis on a certified product. A product certification highlights the safety of a product or service. This increases the trust between customers or business associates and the company. Moreover, the competitiveness get strengthened through a product certification. And additionally, it shows to customers and business associates that your company emphasises on high quality and safety for your products.

Different standards for the product certification

For a product certification different guidelines and standards exist, that can be taken as a basis. Differences between the guidelines are based on the defined standards and credits. Some guidelines are globally acknowledged, some only national-wide. The choice for a product certificate is therefore dependent on its area of application and distribution area.

In most times, the standards exceed the legal regulations by far and are regularly adapted to new insights. That means that a product certification is not permanently valid. Thus, it is guaranteed that the compliance with the guidelines for a product certification is being regularly checked and these checks are documented and approved before the certification is issued.

Quality management certification by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally acknowledged and independent certification authority. Since many years, the BM TRADA performs product certification in accordance to the guidelines. Benefit from our long-standing experience and acquired know-how about product certifications.

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