Quality Management, what Is it?

Quality management is understood as all organizational measures that are to improve process quality. Quality management is also to improve the performances in various fields and affect the products positively.

Definition of QM – Quality Management

Quality management belongs to the central responsibilities of a company’s management. QM encompasses many different areas of a company. The goal of quality managements is to improve the performances and through processes help the company to a more productive work. The term performances in QM does not only include services rendered by the company, but mainly inner-organizational performances. In many industries the introduction of a quality management it the company’s own decision. In some industries, however, quality management is legally required to ensure the quality of the products and services. The industries, where QM is legally required include aviation and spaceflight, the automobile industry, medical engineering, some parts of health care as well as drug and food production.

Introduction of a Quality Management System

Quality Management is a subarea of a company’s management. The goal of a management system is to design a company’s work processes more effective and more efficient and thus increase the quality of its products or services. Material as well as temporal specifications are taken into account in QM. A quality management addresses many different fields and contents.

Contents of a QM

The contents of a QM system include the optimization of communication structures within the company. Through the development of processes and solution strategies, the performances of a company are to be purposefully improved. The increase of customer satisfaction is also among the goals of quality management. The satisfaction and motivation of employees is also of importance for the success of a company. Here, too the quality management applies to specifically improve happiness. Furthermore, quality management helps with the creation of standardized action and working processes.


Das Qualitätsmanagement ist ein Teilbereich des Managements.


Der Qualitätsbeauftragte betreut den Bereich des Qualitätsmanagements.

Ziel des QM

Ziel des QM ist es, die Leistungen eines Unternehmens zu verbessern.


BM TRADA – Ihr kompetenter Ansprechpartner!

The Way to Quality Management

As early as around 1900 the quality of manufactured products has been important. Back then a quality control has already been introduced, in which faulty products have been sorted out. Around 1930 statistics have been taken into account, which were to help and support with quality evaluation. Quality measures in the whole company have been strived for for the first time in the 60s, enable monitoring the complete production process during an inspection. These holistic quality measures have been refined, until in 1995 the quality management used today came into the market. The goal of the quality management used today is to observe the company holistically and to view quality as the system target.

Specifications for Quality Management

A quality management can be evaluated and certified by independent certification bodies. In this process, various norms are used as a foundation. The norms differ depending on industry, but also region. The most popular specifications for the certification in quality management are the EFQM model as well as the norm ISO 9001. The EFQM model is a model that aims at companies being innovative and learning from the communication with other companies. The goal of this model is to motivate companies to improve. The norm ISO 9001 aims at business processes becoming more accurate and a sustainable good quality being ensured.

For special fields and industries some norms and standards that are used as a foundation for a certification are available.

Certification in Quality Management by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA is a globally operating and independent certification company. Certifications in quality management have been regularly carried out by the BM TRADA for years.

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