What is the RSPO certification?

RSPO is an abbreviation and stands for Roundtable Palm Oil, an organization for the sustainable manufacturing of palm oil and its usage in the supply chain.

Importance of the RSPO

Like already mentioned, RSPO stands for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. RSPO was founded on impulse by the WWF, in the year 2004. Regulations and critics about the manufacturing of palm oil became stricter, as the time passed by. Almost no other herbal resource was criticized that much. The objective of the RSPO is to support sustainable cultivation of palm oil and reduce the environmental pollution that it causes. In Indonesia and Malaysia only, vast areas of the rain forest were cleared for the purpose of cultivating palm trees. Due to the technically, very pure oil of the oil palm, the high yield per hectare and other reasons, the palm oil is almost always in demand. And an ecological and sustainable production offers the countries a good opportunity to fight against poverty.

Criteria of the RSPO

By now, the RSPO covers more than 500 members, which cover more than 50% of the global palm oil production. The RSPO has set several criteria for a sustainable and ecological production. These include the precept that it is not allowed to clear rain forests for oil palm plantations. Child labour is another restraint in the RSPO standards. Moreover, these criteria include several laws, too. A RSPO certificate is issued, when the resources that are used for the palm oil production originate from certified and sustainably cultivated plantations.

RSPO certification for palm oil

The RSPO certification for palm oil attests a sustainable cultivation. Nowadays, plantations that can prove that they are based on an ecological, economical and sustainable cultivation are highly in demand. To guarantee customers the existence of the mentioned sustainability, RSPO certificates can be issued (if all the criteria are met). The RSPO certification for supply chains delivers companies and customers a safe and comprehensible proof for a lasting and sustainable manufacturing process.

The RSPO certification of the whole supply chain covers the supervision and certification for the plantation, the refining, the further processing, the grafting, the transportation and the distribution. That is the only way to ensure that the product complies with the RSPO certification requirements.

RSPO certification for supply chains

A RSPO certificate for a supply chain means that all manufacturing and production procedures, as well as all processing techniques, up until the customer receives the end product, have to be certified. Only thus a sustainable production can be guaranteed. Moreover, every production and trading level has to be certified by an independent certification authority, that was recognized by the RSPO. The BM TRADA was the first company that was authorised by the RSPO and thus the first company that was able to issue RSPO certificate and other respective certificates.

There are certifications for three supply chains.

Identity Preserved (IP)

‘Identity Preserved’ stands for RSPO certified production, whose palm oil is certified in all manufacturing areas and whose certificates can be traced back down to the plantation. Palm oils of different origin are not allowed to be mixed for this supply chain and system.

Segregation (SG)

‘Segregation’ stands for RSPO certified production, whose palm oil is certified in all manufacturing areas and whose certificates can be traced back down to the plantation. However, in this case the certified palm oils from different origins may be mixed.

Mass Balance (MB)

‘Mass Balance’ is the opportunity to also certify products, that include certified and not certified palm oil. However, the amount of the sold certified palm oil must not exceed the amount of the bought certified palm oil. This kind of certification is appropriate for companies that can not warrant the separation of certified and not certified palm oil.


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RSPO Certification – COC

RSPO certification is also possible for product chains


BM TRADA – your competent partner

RSPO certification by the BM TRADA

The BM TRADA Germany was worldwide the first certification authority that was authorized to be allowed to certify supply chains with the RSPO certification. Companies can use the long-standing experience and competence of the certification of palm oil to get a RSPO certification. Our, since 1974 gained, experiences in certifications, as well as the, since 1999 gained, experience for supply chain certifications for wood and paper production, converted the BM TRADA to a globally leading company for certification.

We guarantee a comprehensive consultation and ensure a smooth procedure during the examination of compliance of the required regulations. Therefore, you are gonna be able to guarantee sustainable palm oil to your customers.

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