What is a UTZ certification for cacao and coffee?

A UTZ certificate is available for coffee, cacao, tea, herbs and hazelnuts. A UTZ certificate gets issued, when a specific code of behaviour in relation to responsibility and sustainability, established by the UTZ, is complied with.

History of the UTZ certification

In the year 1997, the Dutch coffee roaster Ahold Coffee Company founded the UTZ program, in collaboration with coffee farmers, aiming a sustainable and responsible coffee production. Another objective of the UTZ program is achieving transparency for the whole supply chain and expanding a responsible coffee production. Since 2007, the UTZ company conceived many other areas and products to their portfolio. Since then cacao and tea can also be certified.

The UTZ program for a UTZ certificate for coffee and cacao

The UTZ program for a UTZ certificate for coffee and cacao aims for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly cultivation. Additionally, it is anchored in the standards of the UTZ that trough the whole supply chain no harmful working conditions or child labour are practised. A environment-sparing and sustainable cultivation is of great importance, too.

The difference between the UTZ program and other programs like Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance is the fact that all products that are approved by the UTZ, can be traced way back to their cultivating. And this programs now also exist for tea, herbs and hazelnuts. For these products the social, economical and ecological approach of the UTZ program gets pursued, too.

For whom is a UTZ certification?

A UTZ certificate for coffee and cacao is suited for all companies that are involved in the supply chain or are legitimately in the possession of coffee or cacao. Additionally, a UTZ certificate suits for coffee and cacao of companies that demand UTZ certified standards for their products. Such a UTZ certification warrants that the product comes from a legal, responsible and sustainable farm, which was likewise certified. Mixing the products of certified and non-certified cultivations is only permitted under strictly regulated restrictions and tight supervision.

Advantages of UTZ certified coffee and cacao

A UTZ certification for coffee and cacao gives your company, as well as your customers the certainty that the resources in your supply chain are solely obtained from legally and sustainably managed plantations and cultivation areas. Therefore, you can demonstrate as a company that the environmental friendly and sustainable cultivation of your products is of great importance. Additionally, you can meet the requirements of many customers, like retailers or manufacturers, who are anchored by their own guidelines of solely distributing environmental-friendly and sustainable products, with the help of a UTZ certificate. Such a certificate for coffee and cacao fulfils expectations of end-consumers, for whom environmental-protection may be vital. Moreover, the UTZ certification entitles you to be able to place the UTZ label on your products for advertising purposes. Thus, you will be able to strengthen your company in the competition and propagate a good image.


Demonstrate how important
sustainability is to you
by certifying it


Receive UTZ certification for coffee and cacao


A certification guarantees consistently high quality for your customers


BM TRADA – your competent partner

A UTZ certificate for coffee and cacao by the BM TRDA

The BM TRADA is a globally acknowledged company, approved by the UTZ as a certification authority that is allowed to regularly make sure that the UTZ standards for coffee and cacao are complied with.

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