What is work safety?

Work safety, or on-the-job safety, is a generic term for measures and standards that companies implement to guarantee the safety of their employees and minimize the dangers. Work safety is a sector of occupational safety.

Reasons for the importance of work safety

Work safety is particularly important for many companies. There are different reasons for that. For one, work safety is important for humanitarian reasons. A secure workplace and the prevention of occupational accidents ought to have a key role in every company. On the other hand, work safety can save expenses that are caused by employees that are written off sick. Additionally, a study has proven that deficiencies in the work safety directly involves deficiencies in the production and thus in the quality.

The changing work safety

Several years ago work safety was defined by several mostly technical tools that should avoid accidents. Due to the usage of different other possible tools and the increasing importance of work safety in companies, work safety includes not only the prevention of the accidents but also the predictive prevention of the causes of accidents. In the last years, work safety became more various. In the modern times, psychological factors are also a part of work safety and support the technical media. Current management systems that are compliant with the regulations unite all areas of work safety and offer companies the opportunity to implement work safety and health protection in accordance to current standards.

Implementation of work safety through management systems

Work safety is of great importance in many companies. Preventing accidents and the health of the employees are also particularly important, nowadays. That is why management systems in the area of employee and health protection are a suitable way for companies to fulfil the requirements of work safety. There are management systems for many different sectors, thus for work safety, too. Management systems support the company with planing the measures, as well as the implementation in the area work safety and health protection.


Die Unfallverhütung ist Ziel der Arbeitssicherheit.


Setzen Sie in Ihrem Unternehmen auf Arbeitssicherheit!


Ein Managementsystem kann Sie im Bereich der Arbeitssicherheit unterstützen!


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Certification for work safety: usage of a management system

Management systems support companies in the area of work safety. Different procedures and measures aim to improve work safety and implement employee protection. The management system for work safety analyses the possible causes of accidents and illnesses in a company and supports the reduction of these dangers. The certification of the used management system gets issued under different guidelines and standards that exceed the legal policies. A certification is gained when an independent examination confirms that all requirements are met and implemented. Therefore the company can implement and improve work safety in accordance to valid standards.

Überwachung der Arbeitssicherheit in Deutschland

In Deutschland wird die Arbeitssicherheit von zwei Stellen überwacht. Zum Einen sind die Gewerbeaufsichtsämter bzw. die Ämter für Arbeitsschutz für die Überwachung und Überprüfung der Arbeitssicherheit zuständig. Zum Anderen überwachen auch die Träger der gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung, die Berufsgenossenschaften, die Arbeitssicherheit. Unfallverhütungsvorschriften, die als verbindlich gelten, werden von Berufsgenossenschaften für den Bereich Arbeitssicherheit verfasst.

Supervision of work safety in Germany

In Germany work safety is supervised by two institutions. The first one are the trade supervisory authorities, the authorities that are responsible for supervising and controlling work safety. The second one are the financial sources of legal accident insurance, the occupational insurance associations, that also supervise work protection. Mandatory accident prevention regulations for work safety are published by the insurance associations.

BM TRADA: certification for work safety

he BM TRADA is a globally acknowledged and independent certification authority. Since many years, certifications for work safety are already part of the portfolio of BM TRADA.

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